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Welcome to the home page for Vaulters' Nexus: a place for Vaulters on the Web.  Please feel free to roam, kick your feet up for a moment, wander about, and maybe take a look at What's New on our site.  Click the spinning icon at the top of the Navigation Bar (at left) to return to the this page at any time!

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What is...

Herein we attempt to answer the first questions of the vagabond traveller of webthreads (Oh, and by the way, Hail and Welcome !).

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What is Vaulters ?

Realworld Answer: In a nutshell, Vaulters is a long-term fantasy role playing campaign for adult players (who are far too old to be enjoying this sort of thing, but damn! its fun! and we've been developing this particular campaign since 1992), based around the game Advanced Dungeons & Dragons© produced by the fine people at TSR Inc.

Gameplay Answer: ...Ah, you see, here it gets a bit more interesting...

Vaulters began as an adjunct of another campaign, Terramere.   Complex enough to deserve a webpage of its own (!), Vaulters was originally conceived as a means of traversing randomly connected modules, but still retaining and enhancing a continuous fantasy storyline wherein characters feelings and motivations could develop against a continuously shifting backdrop.  (Original Invitation).   Built around the mechanism of an artifact only known as The Sphere, the campaign would flow across modules both old and new, original and shrinkwrapped.  One concept I liked (but never engaged) was to revisit places like White Plum Mountain© and Homlet © long after their legendary events. 

Storyline Answer: ...and here you see we throw interest to the wind...

Barely met, a band of adventurers fresh from the tavern had been prowling about the levels of a recent disaster; wherein they discover (at the blast's center) a curiously whole and hale white crystal Sphere.  Upon contact with the surface of the device, it activates and absorbs energy from the toucher.  Immediately, sparks of light fly along shafts of energy, connecting the intruders one to the other.

"Emergency power consumption routines initiated; damage to systems has been detected; Protect Mode - initiating Protect Mode.  Prepare to initiate emergency Vault.  Vaulting."

A bright white flash of light, and quite suddenly the group realizes they they are no longer confined to the dank blackness of an underground dungeon.  No, they are nowhere near where they they think they are...

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What is a Vaulters' Nexus ?

ne-xus (nek - ses) n.,pl. nex-us.   1. a means of connection; tie; link.  2. a connected series or group. [<L: a binding, joining, fastening (ptp. of nectere to bind, fasten, tie)]

     - Random House College Dictionary (Revised) 1982

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What is a Campaign ?

A "campaign", in the FRPG sense (see below) is a series of connected (and possibly interconnected) adventures which all generally follow a theme or plot, using one or more characters to carry the focus of the story to its conclusion.

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What is AD&D / Advanced Dungeons & Dragons ?

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons© is a fantasy role playing game owned and created by TSR Inc., who can probably best tell you what their own product is about.  See the Links Page.

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What is a FRPG - Fantasy Role Playing Game ?

A Fantasy Role Playing Game (FRPG) is a new way of playing games wherein the Imagination of the players is paramount to everything else, including the gameboard, pieces, and dice.  The concept takes a little getting used to if you are not familiar with it.

If I were to say unto you, "Imagine yourself in a room.  This room is square, some ten feet by ten feet, and you are seated in a chair in the center of the room.   Before you is a window, which opens up upon a beautiful vista of a lush, green lawn, carefully tended.  Behind you, you are aware of the presence of a large, closed, wooden door painted blue."

"Now what do you do ?" I ask.

Whatever your reply is, you have just participated in a small taste of fantasy role playing.

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What are Gameplay Updates ?

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Gameplay Updates are blow-by-blow, game-by-game diaries of Vaulters Adventures.  Often including actual PC and Character dialog, it also contains the popular "Quotable Quotes", quips and cracks caught flying during gameplay.

These documents are available for download in original WordPerfect format(s), or for your online viewing pleasure.

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What's New

The following is a list of recent additions to our website. The most recent changes are listed first, and each item is linked to the page with the updated content.


  • Uploaded VGU 03.01.98: "I think we can hand Kathea the entire city wrapped up in a bow!  Or a Funeral Wreath!"
  • Altered graphics for Pernicus, Raphael and Desdimona on our Players/Characters page.


  • Activated Timeline page, bearing synopsis of VGUs 1 thru 15 (out of some 60-odd)
  • Recoded Players/Characters page with new text and PC graphics
  • Ceased posting VGU in its original Wordperfect format; WPD is Zipped & Html is illustrated


  • Uploaded VGU 11.15.98: "Maybe you shouldn't call it Charm Person; Maybe you should call it Raphael's Disposable Friends spell..."
  • Redesigned VGU page to omit WPD files; they're in Zips; loaded graphics into 11.15.98 html
  • Refreshed misc. pages


  • Updated and uploaded everything, and it fits and it works!  Drafted announcement; will transmit soon if not today to all players.


  • Discovered FrontPage and commenced a TOTAL reformat of the VN.


  • Graciously granted Web Access by


  • Est. Vaulters' Nexus
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