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The Frontier

Description - Having Vaulted into the Frontier somewhere south of the Thorngate Hills, the Herd soon found themselves caught up in a war between the hidden elven city of Cawdor and the drow living beneath Glamis Mountain.   East of Glamis lay both the Hut of the Three Witches, leaders of the Ogres of the Eye whose tribes are threaded throughout the Glamis mountain chain, while the lowlands below had (until recently) been terrorized by a hideous Naga who had taken up residence in a great willow tree. 

Further eastward, lay Atnagag, a walled city containing a few thousand souls ruled by the iron fist and arbitrary laws of the Talons, undermined by the Ebon Fold, an evil assassins guild of sorts led by Ladislas, who was concocted a scheme to steal the life force of Atnagag's poor citizens for unknown but certainly unspeakable uses.

To the west lay Firstrose and further across the Thorngate Hills lay Steepscar, the latter a port town while of the former the Herd has only heard of "some troubles" there by a man and his wife who were fleeing them with a wagon of their worldly possessions. 

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